How Style Assist Works

Stylist; Have you ever found yourself wandering aimlessly in a clothing store on a Friday night, in an effort to outfit a client? With Style Assist, you don't need to do that anymore! Here's how SA makes your job easier...

Save Time

Now all you have to do to shop for a client is shoot us an email with details of your "client wish list", and we're on it!

Free Delivery

Once you've chosen your items, you can pick them up, or SA will have them delivered to you at no charge. All you have to do, is present them to your client!

Generous Return Policy

Items that your client isn't "keen" on, can be easily returned. Can't return items in person? No Problem! Simply shoot us a message, and we'll provide you with a return label for mailing.

Meet our Creator

I believe in delivering awesome product, and helping you get to your weekend earlier ;)
Debbie B.

Debbie B.


My fashion journey begin in design school in Toronto. After that, I started a handbag design company that saw my products in 40+ stores across Canada. Now, I help you save valuable time, sourcing product for your own clients.

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