What IS Style Assist?

As a Wardrobe Stylist, it’s my job to help my clients put together a look (or looks) for whatever occasion or lifestyle they’re looking for.

But there’s a segment of my client base who actually shop for their own clients. They’re freelance/independent stylists, and my job for this core group of clients is to make their jobs 99% easier.

Style Assist works like this;

First, you register for your free membership.

Once your clients start requesting pieces (from you) to add to their wardrobe, you (as the stylist) will contact us, letting us know what those requirements are.

Be it casual or formal. Designer or more affordable attire. All you have to do is shoot us a message, letting us know your needs. We then get to work putting together those pieces for you to pick up at your convenience. Alternately, we can have the items shipped / delivered to your location at no charge.

Style Assist saves you the most valuable thing you have; time.

Women’s, men’s clothes, accessories…even kids’ clothing. We’ve got it all.

(*We do have a minimum spend of $500, but you’d be surprised at how quickly you get there.)

Need to return items?

No problem!

Simply let us know that you need to return items, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Easy Peasy 🙂

The best part of Style Assist is that it costs you nothing.

That’s right. Having an ‘assistant’ who does the most time consuming part of your job, doesn’t cost you a penny 🙂

Ready to get started?

CLICK HERE to register for Style Assist!